Heinz 57 Sauce

Heinz 57 Sauce

Add Zest to Steak, Chicken & Pork!

57 Your Way

Wow! You guys sure have some great ways to use 57 Sauce. Please, keep them coming.

  • For years, I've used Heinz 57 instead of ketchup in my meatloaf recipe, and my family loves it. I mix in about 1/4 c. of 57, and top the meatloaf with 57 too.

    Debbie P. - Raleigh, NC

  • During the work week, I cook a pot roast in my crockpot and simmer it in Heinz 57 sauce and ranch dressing. It cooks all day long and is ready for us to eat when we get home at night.

    Sarah C. - Mechanicsville, VA

  • I like it on pizza.

    Jay P. - Pittsburgh, PA

  • Straight from the bottle, onto the fries.

    scott p. - waxhaw, NC

  • Mixed with apricot jam to spread on chicken or seafood

    Michael B. - Sewickley, PA

  • On corn on the cob. Slather Heinz 57 Sauce on steamed corn on the cob. For grilled corn on the cob, baste with Heinz 57 sauce the last couple of minutes on the grill.

    sandra m. - kapolei, HI

  • I like it on pizza.

    Jay P. - Pittsburgh, PA

  • First -- with cube steaks -- but, I've have always used Heinz 57 to make your "Sloppy Joes". They hve been such a hit with my husband and son!!

    Sharon C. - Moore, OK

  • On burger with blue cheese, onions and jalapenos. Perfect combination!

    Al B. - Parker, CO

  • on steak, pork, and chicken.

    Anne B. - Pensacola, FL

  • I use it when baking my ham. I bake it in a special sauce that I make using Heniz 57 sauce and after baking I make a special glaze to baste the ham.

    Tracy B. - Memphis, TN

  • Brown cut up chicken. Drain grease. Add one bottle Heinz 57 sauce and like amount of water. Cover and simmer approx 30 minutes. Remove lid and simmer until sauce reduces about one half. Serve as you would any BBQ meal.

    Ted K. - Rapid City, SD

  • I love it on eggs and hash browns!

    Sherri L. - Louisville, KY

  • Cheese Ball 2-8 ounces cream cheese 4 TBP Heinz 57 sauce garlic salt tabasco Mix together in a ball add chopped nuts

    Carol B. - Lockbourne, OH

  • I like it on almost everything...from eggs to beef, chicken, pork. The other night I had cooked country fried steaks, my hubby uses the other steak sauce (A1) I just can't ... don't like it... 57 is the best hands down...My husband got this idea to see which one Chester would eat first...Chester is our dog...he took two cuts and had 57 on one piece and A1 on the other...Chester's choice was 57. He picked the best I think....when a dog turns down steak cause of a sauce on it...wouldn't make you wonder, but if they take right to it...to me it proves it's the best...maybe it's just me and what I choose...but even Chester picked it out for himself...dogs can't read, but they have one heck of sense of smell and taste...right??? Thank for a wonderful sauce that can be used on just about anything u can put on a plate... :)


  • I like to make Jimmy Buffett burgers at home and use Heinz 57 for Cheesburgers in Paradise

    Ed D. - Schenectady, NY



  • BBQ RIBS 1 jar of Grape Jelly 1 Bottle of Heinz 57 sauce 1/2 Pepsi 4 Tablespoons dry rub 1 C Brown Sugar pour all on top of ribs, cook in the crockpot for 8 hrs

    cathy f. - mayett, KS

  • i love to use it on a plain baked potato or use it as a dip for Lay's sour cream and onion potato chips. You can't go wrong with it either way :)

    sherrica g. - goodlettsville, TN

  • My father was the one who introduced me Heinz 57, little did I know at that time that Heinz 57 wasn't just for meat but potatoes as well french fries and bake potatoes!

    Robert H. - Larksville, PA

  • i like it in pizza pinnaples fruit and lots lots more

    kevin s. - newport, RI

  • Add to a Bloody Mary

    JC D. - Jersey City, NJ

  • I like to add a TBL of 57 to my bloody mary

    Joseph B. - Angola, NY

  • bbq

    luca r. - greenport, NY

  • 57 and cottage cheese, makes a great low fat dip; also 57 and stuffed pork chops baked in the oven, easy.


  • half 57 half bbq sauce on steaks, chicken, pork chops, anything

    ghgg g. - mullins, SC

  • My Favorite Individual Meat Loaves Ingredients * 1 T. olive oil * 2/3 cup chopped yellow onion * 2 cloves garlic, finely minced * salt to taste * * 3 T. Heinz 57 sauce * 1/4 cup milk * * 2 pounds ground beef (80% or more lean) * salt to taste * 1/3 cup plain dry bread crumbs * 1/3 cup (or more) Parmesan, grated * 2 eggs, beaten * * 1/4 cup Heinz 57 sauce (for topping) Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Heat the olive oil in a medium saute pan. Add the onions, garlic, and salt. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally for 8 to 10 minutes, until the onions are translucent but not brown. Off the heat, add the 3 T. Heinz 57 sauce and the milk. Allow to cool slightly. In a large bowl, combine the ground beef, salt, bread crumbs, Parmesan, eggs, and onion mixture lightly with a fork. Don't mash or the meatloaf will be dense. Divide the mixture into 4 portions and shape each portion into a small loaf and place in a roasting pan with a rack. Spread about a tablespoon of Heinz 57 sauce on the top of each portion. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, or until the meat loaves are cooked through. Serve hot.

    Darlene C. - Garland, TX

  • I use the Steak Sauce in my burgers. I mix it in to the meat before I make the patties. They always come out juicy and tasty!

    Michael M. - Louisville, KY

  • I add 1/2cp of Heinz 57 for every lb. of meat, among whatever else for that recipe, whenever I make meatloaf, meatballs and baked pasta dishes.

    michael p. - chicago, IL

  • on rib eye steck


  • dip for french fries

    Pamela A. - Kansas City, MO

  • I dip popcorn into it.

    Laura W. - Freedom, PA

  • on steak pork etc

    juanita z. - san antonio, TX

  • As a topping on Pizza.

    R D. - Grand prairie, TX

  • On med. rare steak

    maryann d. - aledo, TX

  • Steak

    Patricia H. - Hephzibah, GA

  • Equal parts of Heinz 57 and Honey. Makes the best BBQ sauce ever! My mother made this back in the late 50's. It was my first taste of BBQ sauce. AWESOME!!!!

    Pat M. - Des Moines, IA

  • mix it with your favorite barbeque receipe it adds a little zing to it

    patric w. - medford, OR

  • on my smoke bar-b-qued eckrich smoke saugage

    olivia t. - benbrook, TX

  • on burgers


  • When I make salmon patties, I just can't tell you enough how Heinz 57 sauce taste on them, it is wonderful. It just makes you love those salmon patties more. Try it everyone you will love it!!!!

    Rhonda B. - Hampton, GA

  • I mix it with brown sugar and put over pork chops. Yummy!

    Joan B. - Stone Mountain, GA

  • I love to mix 57 sauce in my mashed potatoes!

    melissa p. - amarillo, TX

  • Drink it right from the bottle!

    Gerard B. - Forest Hills, NY

  • drizzle over hash browns make a puddle and dip tenderloin or mix in with hamburger and cook in the fabulous flavor sometimes I drizzle alittle on eggs or use it for a condiment on lunchmeat sandwiches

    Roberta S. - Reno, NV

  • steak

    james m. - ft myers, FL

  • I make fried eggs, bacon, fry some white bread in a small amount of the bacon drippings and then drizzle H57 over the eggs and fried bread. It's a tribute to my English mom, who made that as a regular Sunday morning breakfast.

    Kim W. - Grand Rapids, MI

  • my fav is to spice up my mashed patatoes. I just at heinz 57 to taste. I also luv it on my baked patatoes yum

    Teri N. - Vancouver, WA

  • Our family uses 57 sauce as some use salt. My 16 year old takes it to school to lunch bearable.

    ann f. - roanoke rapids, NC

  • Saute chicken drummete's, sliced celery,chopped garlic & diced onion in butter about 10 min. per side. Mix Heinz 57 with hot sauce & liquid smoke. Tranfer all ingredients to casserole, stir & bake at 325 degrees for about 1/2 hour. Great for main course or hot appetizers. Prepare in advance & bake when ready(or use crockpot)!

    Tina D. - Chattaroy, WA

  • I love it with burgers, it gives it such a different taste

    cindy a. - mebane, NC

  • I like on almost any food. I like it most on my deer burgers.

    Christopher C. - Apex, NC